New violin book for adult beginners – by Evabritt Gratte

SoundLily har been given the honor of hosting the backing tracks for the brand new book “Att fånga en dröm” (“To catch a dream”) by the renowned author and teacher Evabritt Gratte.

About the book

A book about violin playing for grown ups, a book that requires no prior knowledge, but only curiosity to get started.

This book inspires you to learn to play the violin on your own in a fun-filled way:

  • with easy to follow instructions and instructions
  • with songs you know well, but didn’t think you could play!
  • and with the associated app with backing tracks, you have everything you need to learn to start playing the violin!

Om Evabritt

Evabritt Gratte has been a teacher at the Stockholm Music Pedagogical Institute and the Royal Swedish Academy of Music in Stockholm. She is often hired as a lecturer and workshop leader in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Italy. Evabritt Gratte’s previously published violin methodologies have become standard works in Swedish music education.


Evabritt Gratte Author
Elise Léonin Layout & Illustrations
Daniel TillingAudio / Piano Accompaniments

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