We are currently looking for content providers that want to create backing tracks with, or without associated sheet music.

Guidelines for Backing tracks

  • The music must be non copyrighted (or else you must hold the copyright of the whole material).
  • One or one or more instruments/voices (“stems”) are missing from the music, so that the user of the app can fill in that instrument/voice.
  • You may include a second version of the backing that include the missing stem so that the user can listen to the complete music before practicing.
  • If the music itself does not include a intro before the soloist starts playing/singing, then you should include subtle “count in” clicks so that the user can prepare.
  • Send us the music in lossless audio format, such as .Wav or FLAC.
  • Optionally you may include MIDI file(s) or other corresponding files.

Guidelines for Sheet music

If you decide to produce Sheet music for your backing tracks:

  • For classical music we encourage urtext format. Please use Sibelius, Finale, MuseScore or other software for production of high quality classical sheet music.
  • Please send us a sample of your sheet music (or other visual imagery) and we will evaluate it.
  • Send us the resulting Sheet music in PDF file format.

As content provider you get the opportunity to:

  • Show your talent and spread your music
  • Be a part of a groundbreaking learning platform
  • Earn money on your backing tracks and sheet music


You as a content provider for SoundLily® will get a generous revenue share. When your material is in the app, you get more money the more your track is played.

As a content provider you can get a continuous income from SoundLily®, for a one-time job. Pretty neat.

Please contact us if you have any questions. If not, you are more than welcome to send your backing tracks with or without associated sheet music.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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