Swedish Edtest collaboration

SoundLily is now being tested in Swedish schools / Higher Vocational Education / universities and colleges in collaboration with Swedish Edtest. The goal of Svenska Edtest is to contribute to better digital tools and to strengthen teachers’ competence in choosing and evaluating digital teaching materials. Swedish EdTest is Sweden’s first national EdTech testbed. It has been specifically designed to help businesses sharpen the development of new digital learning services.

Soundlily® accepted to Språngbrädan 2020

Now, this summers round of Språngbrädan is starting. This means new opportunities for us, and four other companies. SoundLily® is one of five innovative companies that has been given the chance to participate in this proven concept. We now have three months of quality assurance and coaching from Connect’s specialists in front of us. One of SoundLily®’s founders commented the good news. He says that the reason why the company was accected to Språngbrädan is due to the uniqueness and driving force that is significant for the company. Read more about news concerning Soundlily and more right here.

SoundLily® on the Edtech map

We are proud to present ourselves as members of the initiative Swedish Edtech Industry! SoundLily is now also represented on the Edtech- map, which prime purpose is to map digital solutions for the Swedish schools. Swedish Edtech Industry is a Swedish trade organisation with a clear vision, that Sweden shall become the leading country in the world in exploiting the opportunities and effects of digitization in the education system. That is why they created the Edtech map. The purpose of mapping edtech companies is to contribute with an overview for national decision makers of available innovations that can simplify teaching […]

Violin instructions and illustrations

We are now adding instructions and illustrations from the book “Att fånga en dröm” (To catch a dream). This book is aimed at curious people with the dream to mastering one of the most mythical and legendary instruments – the violin. The instructions and illustrations will provide you with everything from music theory to tips and tricks on how to play. Download SoundLily now for iPad or iPhone and start learning to play the violin!

Free Premium-content due to Covid-19

To reduce the spread of Covid-19 we are now releasing all premium- content distributed in the app for free. The purpose is to simplify online-teaching for music teachers and students who are affected by cancelled music lessons and physical encounters. This also provide an opportunity for anyone who are staying isolated at home, and suddenly have a ton of spare time, to learn something new. Soundlily® are also participating in “Skola online”, which is a Swedish initiative created to support schools that are forced to shift to online teaching. For more information about “Skola online”, go to https://www.edtechkartan.se/cms/skolaonline/?fbclid=IwAR15qsr5IMIaOnfbTUJSQ0OxWMVWZiiFsXRAnw_VkVg6FnqEeprJDqMHIy4 Download SoundLily® […]

Add your own songs

Apart from the music library featured in the app you can now add your own songs to play along with. The SoundLily® app offers cloud space of 100 MB for all non-premium users and unlimited cloud space for all premium users. Just press ”+” to add your songs to your SoundLily® library and start playing!

Have more fun playing the violin

Would you, or anyone you know, want to learn how to play the violin? The SoundLily® app let’s you play songs supported by awesome backing tracks. SoundLily® is a brand new way of exploring your musical talent. Now with violin, soon with even more classical instruments. We are constantly adding new music and new features to make the app as useful as possible. Don’t miss out. Try the app now, download for iPad or iPhone.

SoundLily on App Store

The SoundLily app is now available for iOS. Download on App Store and try it out. Accompaniments for all the songs in the book “Att fånga en dröm” (To catch a dream) by Evabritt Gratte is available in the app. Also if you have your own backing tracks in mp3 format, you can upload them to your personal library and have them with you on the go. Change tempo and pitch, play, sing and have fun! We will continuously be adding new content, so stay tuned … Enjoy and don’t hesitate to get back to us if you have any […]

New violin book for adult beginners – by Evabritt Gratte

SoundLily har been given the honor of hosting the backing tracks for the brand new book “Att fånga en dröm” (“To catch a dream”) by the renowned author and teacher Evabritt Gratte. About the book A book about violin playing for grown ups, a book that requires no prior knowledge, but only curiosity to get started. This book inspires you to learn to play the violin on your own in a fun-filled way: with easy to follow instructions and instructions with songs you know well, but didn’t think you could play! and with the associated app with backing tracks, you […]