Evabritt Gratte

Evabritt Gratte is a violinist, teacher, lecturer and textbook author. For 25 years she has been the main teacher of violin playing and methodology at the University College of Music Education in Stockholm. She has also taught at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm on the topics of methodology, ensemble play and more. Please read more or contact Evabritt under the link below: http://evabrittgratte.se

Att fånga en dröm (“To catch a dream”)

The accompaniment associated with the book is available in our freely downloadable app available for iOS (Later also for Android). For those who have bought the book, please contact info (a) soundlily.com to get free access to Evabritt Gratte’s content in the subscription version.
You also find the accompaniment audio for playback below:

Accompaniment tracks

Please find the accompaniment audio for playback below: